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Hi, I'm the Party Possibilities creator,
Chris Magee

I have always had an interest in working with children and their families as my background is being a licensed social worker as well as a trained and certified cub scout leader.  It was first through my work as a school social worker where I found my passion for creating fun themed activities for students to enjoy, grow and learn from.  Then, as my own family grew, I became the person in charge of birthday party planning, and the excitement took over as I thought about all the possibilities on how to make their birthday party fun and memorable based upon the things and characters they really enjoyed.  Now after having several years of planning events, I'm ready to help you plan your child's next big day!  With the help of some energetic characters, we are ready to deliver an unforgettable birthday party, so get in contact with us as you never know what the PARTY POSSIBILITIES are until you ask!

D.I.F. Director of FUN
 Chris Magee
My inspiring family, husband Adam, sons Connor & Kiernan, and daughter Clare  (2011)

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