Princess & Fairy Appearance
A real "Princess" can walk into the party with beautiful music playing, plenty of magic and princess theme fun to entertain the birthday princess and her guests!  Your little princess will have an elegant experience as the princess or fairy join in with the guests to dance, play games, pose for photos.  Before we leave, a small gift will be given to the birthday child and stickers/tattoos/candy will be given to all guests.

Pink Dress Princess
Sea Princess
Yellow Dress Princess
Blue Dress Princess
Rainbow Fairy
Green Fairy

  The Fashion Model                   The Little Girl who            Doll Princess                    Loves PINK

They put nail-polish on the guests.....

 They pose and play with guests!

Woodland Princess

 Archer Princess

   Strawberry Girl        Cowgirl Sidekick

They dance with guests....

11 Happy Birthday, Princess.mp3

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